Best Newspaper Crafts

Newspaper is one of the most easily available crafts supplies, and we all realize that it’s great to reuse. This article is about artworks by utilizing daily paper.

Being easily available, the newspapers can prove to be a really fun activity that would results in really good crafts. It provides a wider platform to your creative side and actually grooms different facets related to development at various levels.

There are numerous ideas that you could play with using newspapers. Some of them are given below:

  1. Newsprint Ornament


This ornament is really fun to make. You can use the sports news or anything of your choice to make this craft. It is looks really nice and you can be creative with it at various levels.

  1. Party Hats

hats made of newspaper

Imagine a new wave of fashion when people would start wearing hats made of newspaper. This is one of the most interesting newspaper crafts out there. It is creative, interesting to make and fun to practice. The instructions to make are really simple and one can easily follow the steps to make this amazing craft.

  1. Newspaper Flowers

Newspaper Flowers

Now you can use the newspaper to make flowers of different sizes. Moreover, these can be mounted on different branches to look even more appealing. You can go creative with this idea and play with sizes, shapes and patterns. It’s all up to you.

  1. Newspaper Wall Art

Newspaper Wall Art

It is something that you will see daily. So, make sure that you invest good amount of time and effort while making this. This is an incredibly well looking and interesting piece of art. Moreover, crafting it has the fun of its own. Thus, it is advised to enjoy as much as you can while you are making this.


  1. Gift Bags

Gift Bags

Imagine the typical gift bags made of newspaper. They will definitely have a sense of uniqueness. Moreover, you will be saving a lot on the monetary grounds as well. The procedure to make these bags is very simple and you can do it whenever you like. Just gather newspapers and get ready to make the gift bags.

  1. Newspaper Art


The idea is pretty simple. Take random newspapers and go crazy with painting them. Create an interesting pattern. Paint something intriguing and hang it on your wall. This design and pattern based craft is super interesting and you would definitely enjoy making one of these.

  1. Rolled Flowers with Wreath


This is one of the best crafts to look at. It is elegant, creative and nice to feast your eyes. Moreover, making it is even more fun. You can play around with colors, design and general outlooks. It can be hung on the wall and you can decorate your room with it.

  1. Earth Globes


Being one of the messiest projects, this is fun too. Kids love to do it and so would you. Just make a lot of little globes and enjoy! These are not only nice to look at but also fun to make. So, get your hands dirty and grab some papers to make awesome earth globes.

2 Ways to Teach Your Kids the Shapes by Crafts

Everyone wants his toddler to learn, develop and excel at the later of her life. In this regard, the parents are super conscious about the activities they should engage their loves ones in. People opt for different types of activities. One of the most effective activities to help your toddlers develop their creative skills is playing with crafts. But, what to specifically do with the crafts?

Here, in this article we have given some ways through which you can teach your kids the shapes through the channel of crafts. This is a great way of escalating her intellectual abilities multiple folds. Teaching shapes is really important for the notion of improving the cognitive abilities.

Crafts can aid a lot in toddler’s learning process. Once the toddler gets used to these shapes, she would be able to tell the shapes in every object that she sees.

Following are some ways which aid the toddler in learning shapes via the channel of playing with crafts.

  1. Circle Rainbow

This is great way of getting acquainted with the shapes. This will not only help the toddler in learning that shapes but also add a really creative touch to your room as well. It is incredibly simple to make.


What are you going to need?

  • Glue
  • Safety Scissors
  • Clothes Pin
  • Chord
  • Chart papers of different colors

What do you need to do?

Just follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Assist the toddler in drawing circles of different sizes on different chart papers
  2. The circles should be overlapping but visible
  3. The circles are to be cut in the next step
  4. Glue the circles, one on to another – start from the biggest and proceed towards the smallest. This can be really helpful to teach the kid about different sizes
  5. A chord is to be tied to the clothes pin
  6. The cord is to be pinned on the circle rainbow

tải xuống

  1. Heart-Shaped Lion

This is one of the most fun activities to teach your kids about the shapes. The heart shaped lion is cute, fun to make and helps the toddler learn about one more shape. It grooms the creative side of the toddler and advance one step further in the process of learning and development.


What do you need?

Following is the list of things that you will need to make the heart shaped lion:

  • Glue
  • Chart papers of three different colors
  • Sketch pens of two different colors
  • Safety Scissors


The process is pretty simple. Just follow the given steps:

  1. Assist the toddler to draw heart shapes on three different chart papers
  2. The shapes should be of three different sizes
  3. Cut the shapes
  4. Now glue the medium sized heart shape right in the middle of the biggest heart. Make sure that the medium sized heart is upside down
  5. Now the smallest heart shape is to be glued to the middle sized heart shape but in the upside orientation in reference to the middle sized heart
  6. Make the grins

Use this cute lion wherever you want!

3 Fascinating Winter Craft Ideas for Small Kids

If you are looking for a way that would engage your toddler in some activity during the winters then search no more. You have landed right at the spot. Here we will guide you about 4 different fascinating ideas that you can practice with your toddlers to make interesting crafts.

  1. Play around with paints and salts

Salts and paints can be used to create marvelous items. You can create an interesting snowy picture by using salts and paints.


What you need?

Following is the list of items that you will be needing:

  • Paint
  • Salt
  • Paper

What to do?

The procedure is pretty simple, just follow the given steps and you are done!

  1. Motivate your toddler so that he paints
  2. Give the paint some time to dry
  3. In the semi-hardened state, ask the toddler to sprinkle salt on the paint
  4. The additional salt is to be dusted off using a paint brush
  5. Some of the paint will fall off when you are brushing to clean the additional salt
  6. The remaining salt will stay stuck to the drawing and a snowy effect will be created

And guess what?

You are done!


  1. The Cotton Wool Snowman

What if your toddler is really crazy about making snow men? What if you want to channelize his interest into something productive? Well, here’s the chance. Now, you can convince him to make a snowman using cotton wool. This will not only increase his creativity but also groom his skills and keep him engaged in multiple things.


What would you need?

  • Buttons
  • Ribbons
  • Pompoms
  • Craft Matchsticks
  • Cotton Wool Pads
  • Glue

What you have to do?

Follow the given steps:

  1. The cotton pads are to be placed above one another and stuck together through glue
  2. The top wool pad would be used as the snowman’s head
  3. Now, get creative with pompoms, ribbons and other stuff to make sure that the snowman looks nice

This is pretty much it. With such a less amount of effort, your toddler can spend great time and actually learn.

  1. Collage

Making a collage is one of the most random and interesting crafts that your toddler can practice. It allows you to be randomly creative and play with different designs and patterns. This craft like many others depends on the creativity and there is no hard and fast rule to make this one. You can play with your ideas and practice whatever you want to make.

However, here we have taken the example of ski collage as an example to get started.


What are you going to need?

Following is the list of things that you are going to need:

  • Paper
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Cotton Wool
  • Foam
  • Fabric
  • Glue
  • Felt scraps


Follow the given steps:

  1. The paper is to be covered with glue
  2. To make the ice, stick the cotton wool to the glued paper
  3. The popsicle stick skis are to be glued too
  4. For the skier’s looks, make sure that you cut the fabric and felt scraps

And you are done!


What Craft to Make on Weekend?

How many times you get free time during weekend and you cannot think of doing anything. You cannot come up with an idea or a suitable activity that could keep you engaged. Well, here we have devised a really good activity that would surely make you have fun.

The project is called pottery barn inspired numbers canvas.

The features of this project are:

  • It’s cheap
  • It’s easy
  • It’s fun
  • It can be done over a long weekend!

Everyone loves pottery barn and it could be a really good activity to carry out during the weekend. So, without any further discussion, let’s just jump to the process of making the pottery barn inspired numbers canvas.


What would you need?

The list of the things that are need is:

  • Brushes of small and big sizes
  • Behr Glazing Medium
  • Sanding Block
  • Paint
  • 6-9”x12” canvases
  • Stapling equipment
  • Different numbers with various fonts in printed form on the paper

What to do?

The steps to follow are given below:

  1. Use the brush to paint the surface of the brush with black color
  2. Give it some time to dry
  3. Cut the numbers (present in printed form on the paper in different fonts and sizes)
  4. Make their desired arrangement on the canvas
  5. Make traces with pencil (for the numbers you have placed)
  6. Fill the plastic cup with some buttermilk paint
  7. Some drops of white are to be added
  8. Mix
  9. Take the small brush
  10. The inside of the penciled numbers is to be painted
  11. It should be done really well but do not worry too much. Take care of being tidy
  12. Give it some time to dry
  13. Take the sanding block
  14. The surface of each canvas is to be sanded
  15. During the time when you were painting the numbers and got out of the traced line accidentally then you can use this chance to sand that paint away
  16. Take another plastic cup
  17. Fill the plastic cup with some glaze
  18. A few drops of burnt sienna paint are to be added
  19. Stir it
  20. The entire surface is to be brushed with glazing medium
  21. Give it some time to dry
  22. Do not get panicked if it looks blue. It will look perfectly well once dried
  23. Now the canvases are to be stapled on the back side
  24. Aim at creating a sturdy piece


You are done!

This is simple, easy, fun and inexpensive to make. Moreover, it will look great inside your home. With some great time spent, you can have fun, have a great product at the end and actually use it in your home. On top of that, you can also gift it to someone. Apart from that, people have been seeing selling these pieces too. You can do it too, if you want to make some extra money. This can prove to be a hobby plus source of income type thing.

8 Easy and Simple Crafts to Try

So, today’s big question is what are the easiest and simplest crafts to try? The answer is, there are a lot. But, here at this point, we are going to browse through a list of few simple and easy crafts that you can try.

  1. Six-Pack Snow Flakes

Six-Pack Snow Flakes

This is a remarkable project for the winters. These snow-flakes look incredibly beautiful and can be taken as one of the easiest and simplest crafts to try. It is highly recommended to practice making these snow-flakes to groom the creativity and improve the general mode of making crafts.

  1. Stained Glass Mobile


Being one of the most easy and simple crafts to try out there, this proffers the craftsman to practice his skills and actually enjoy every bit of his work. Moreover, one of the preeminent facets of this project is that it utilizes multiple used items and thus helps the recycling.

  1. Potpourri Science


If you are someone who wants to go through the processes of dehydration, rehydration or evaporation then this could be a great activity for you. It uses orange peels for the notion of creating crafts that not only look beautiful but reflect a sense of creativity as well. It can be considered as a festive gift that can be presented to anyone.

  1. Creative Bookmarks

Creative Bookmarks

Yes, this is right. You can definitely give a crafty touch to the typically used bookmarks. This simply requires scissors, sturdy paper and glue. Oh yes, it also requires your imagination. Be creative as much as you want and create an awesome bookmark through your creative design. It is definitely an impressive way of bookmarking your books and adding a sense of creativity to it.

  1. Make Puppets

Make Puppets

Puppets can be really easy to make. Just gather the required material and get started. Create your own puppet or get inspired from an already existing idea. Either way, the output is going to be worth enjoying. Put life into the crafted bodies and enjoy the result of your creativity.

  1. Shaped Patterns

Shaped Patterns

This can be a really fun, easy, simple and creative activity to try. Being one of the most interesting crafts to make, the design and shape patterns depend entirely on your imaginations. Gather the required material and get started with the shapes you imagine. Just play around and you might come up with something beautiful even without planning to make it in the first place.

  1. Creative Jars

Creative Jars

Experiment with different types of jars to make them ultimate pieces of crafts. Use glue, different items, scissors, and whatever you can think of. Be creative and make the simple looking jar into something that is worth looking at. Play with different ideas. May be you would be able to gift that jar to someone.

  1. Creative Styrofoam Garden

Styrofoam garden

Make different types of characters and place them on Styrofoam. It can prove to be really creative and fun. You might end up creating the whole space and area which would reflect your creativity.